Victory Motorcycles recalls cruisers and tourers

The official recall notice was issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. It says the affected the Magnum (main photo), Cross Country, Cross Country Tour and Cross Roads tourers and Hardball cruiser. Cross Country Cross Roads The notice says that if the engine misfires for a prolonged period of time, the exhaust could get hotter […]

Debossed Silicone Wristbands for Zodiac Sign Designs and Colors

Despite advances in technology, there are still a lot of people who believe in Astrological signs and their meanings. Because of this, rubber silicone wristband manufacturers have ventured into designing customized silicone wristbands for the different zodiac signs. Zodiac names, symbols, and images are being debossed into the wristbands, which may also correspond to a […]

Are hidden speed cameras a hoax?

You may have seen the above image on social media with concerns that it is a covert speed camera hidden in a guardrail. However, it’s a hoax dating back to 2013. The image is claimed to be in all sorts of places and a recent Facebook post claims it was near Maryborough. However, Queensland Main […]

Jewelry Making – The Art of Lost Wax Casting

The art of lost wax casting, a technique that yields intricately detailed metal, dates back thousands of years with its true origin lost in ancient history. Lost wax casting is used to mold various types of metal into intricate pieces of jewelry and artistic sculptures, although it is also commonly used for industrial components and […]

Kymco scooter has smart dashboard

Facebook updates, weather reports, news and even a radar that tracks your riding mates are part of the futuristic smart instrument panel on the new Kymco AK550 maxi scooter. But what, thee’s more on the “Noodoe” dashboard. It also greets you with your favourite photo, tracks missed calls and messages, directs you to the nearest […]

Gemstones – An Introduction

Gemstones have always interested human beings from time in memorial. In the past, they were relegated to the rich and the elites in the society. They were featured in their cutlery, household assets and jewelry among other valuables. They have been passing over the years in various family lineages. Today, they still attract the same […]

Monster 821 first of 2018 Ducatis

A slightly upgraded Ducati Monster 821 is the first of five new 2018 models, including the new V4 Desmosedici, to be unveiled next month. The other four will be unveiled live on Sunday, November 5 at 9pm (November 6, 6am AEDT) on the official Ducati website. While the first production four-cylinder motorcycle is much anticipated, the […]

Necklace Buying Guide

Are you looking for some easy tips to help you or your loved ones in buying the perfect necklace? Just like with anything that you can buy, necklaces come in a variety of designs and types. You can choose, for instance, pear strands, diamond necklaces, pendant necklaces or gemstones. As a matter of fact, you […]

‘Idiots’ jump Ducati ST4S into dam

Does this video of idiots jumping a beautiful Ducati ST4S int a dam just make you laugh or cry over the destruction of a beautiful bike? The YouTube video, posted by video blogger (vlogger) Roman Atwood has already attracted 1.6million views in just a couple of days. The American does some other crazy videos and […]

First Aid Kits for Health and Safety

Hiking and Biking First Aid Kits come in sizes that are about the same. They can be used as either one. The important thing though, is that they are with the person or persons going biking or hiking together. Most people do not consider all the problems that could occur while out on an excursion […]