How to find the perfect motorbike jacket (for actual riders)

When most people think of a motorbike jacket, they usually automatically think about a generic black leather jacket. The truth is that many of the motorbike jackets being sold offer very little when it comes to actual riding. Actual motorbike jackets come with a variety of different features and aren’t focused mainly on design per […]

Consensus coming on road rules?

National road rules, including lane filtering, are being discussed now and are likely to be put out for public discussion in July with consensus expected by November. The disparity of road rules between states is exemplified in the recent introduction of lane filtering. It is now permitted in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and still […]

Anzac Day tribute to military motorcycles

On the 102nd anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli this Anzac Day, riders should take note the significant role played by military motorcycles and their riders in many wartime. As the above image shows, motorcycles were present on the famed beaches of Gallipoli. This Admiralty official photo shows members of the Royal Engineers (Signal Service). Military […]

Super Exciting Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Trends for 2017

Jewelry is a very personal thing and also an extremely fashionable thing. Every man and woman loves to wear jewelry for some occasion or the other and some have really amazing taste in them too. Following jewelry trends is the most interesting thing you can do because they are dynamic and thus there is no […]

5 ways to improve motorcycle fuel economy

One of the many reasons people choose a motorcycle for their daily commute is its inherent fuel economy. A modern 250cc motorcycle will get you around 2.8L/100km (85mpg), and there’s not a car on the planet that can match that kind of economy. So, why not try to maximise the fuel economy of your bike to […]

Thigh High Boots – Sexy and Kinky Boots

Hey guys, thigh boots are back in trend now! Do you have fascination to wear thigh high boots? Thigh boots are the kinky fashion accessory of a girl’s wardrobe. These boots are greatly favored by girls and women to show off their sex appeal. Thigh high boots are nothing but the boots rising above the […]

Moby Dick Brough Superior up for auction

A 1928 Brough Superior SS100 called Moby Dick that was once the “fastest privately owned machine in the world” is a highlight of a Sotheby’s auction in Italy next month. The  ‘Moto-Icons: From Café Racer to the Superbike’ sale of 20 bikes is from a single-owner collection and will be held on May 27, 2017, on the shores of Lake […]

Women’s Trend Color This Season – Bubblegum Pink!

First things first – We’re not talking about that average rosy hue! The facts now – every woman has that one shade of pink shining gleefully in the wardrobe, though there are chances she won’t settle with just one pink. For many of us pink is a shade that’s fuelled by romance, love, and nostalgia; […]

Commonly used motorcycle scams – Motorbike Writer

Much like the used car market, the second-hand motorcycle market is rife with scams. Many sellers attempt to shift bikes which are unsafe to drive, have a hidden history and could even be stolen, or they will attempt to steal your money from you before disappearing for good. The used vehicle market can be a […]

Ladies Perfume and Memories

Ladies perfume makes you smell beautiful. A fragrance can make you smell feminine, sexy, mysterious, clean, or fresh. What you smell like matters. Your scent can affect you and those next to you. Smells can summon up many memories, both good and bad. The fragrance, the name, and the bottle of your ladies perfume really […]