Hiring a lawyer after a motorcycle crash

A lawyer might be a necessary evil after a motorcycle crash, especially if it is your first crash, it wasn’t your fault or you are being hassled by your insurance company. A reputable and trustworthy law firm with experience in motorcycle crashes will evaluate your case for free, so you can get a clear understanding […]

10 Mountain Biking Facts You Didn’t Know

As far as anyone can remember, riding a bicycle has been part of everyone’s childhood. Remember that first time you had a go on one; it felt like a mountain of an achievement. Now that you have the power and the limbs for a more enhanced kind of cycling, that mountain is now actually a […]

Riders seek loyal, trusting friends

Riders want riding partners and friends who are trustworthy and loyal, according to an independent survey of 1018 British bikers in March 2017. It found trust was important for 70% and loyalty to 69%, but 75% of riders only get to see their close friends once every fortnight to a month. About half claim they have […]

Tips For Decorating Your Motorcycle Jacket

So you purchased new leather motorcycle jackets and you want to make them look like real biker jackets huh? There are a number of things you can do to decorate your jacket in order to give it a more classic biker look. Here are some great ideas. When you purchase your jacket you’ll notice that […]

Great reasons to ride to Invercargill

The roads around Invercargill are not all that exciting and the weather is usually horrible, but there are still some great reasons to visit the home town of Burt Munro … apart from the fact his streamliner (pictured above) is on display in the local hardware store! I was in Mossburn heading for Invercargill a few years […]

The Origin and Meaning of Iron Cross Jewelry

Iron cross jewelry is popular all over the globe. Ironically though, people who wear it perpetuate the tradition and symbolism of the ancient iron cross without actually knowing what it means. Large crosses are worn around the neck, and can be found on bracelets and finger rings especially by the younger generation who are into […]

Lane filtering extends to South Australia

Lane filtering extends to South Australia from April 15, 2017, when the state joins Queensland, NSW, Victoria and the ACT in allowing the road safety practice. It will have similar restrictions as in other states with a 30km/h maximum speed, fully-licensed riders only and banned in school zones, crossings, next to parked vehicles, between vehicles and the kerb and […]

Camera to replace motorcycle mirrors?

A new helmet rearview camera system is safer than conventional mirrors, according to four-time World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty. In this video, the world champ says the British Zona camera system means he can concentrate on the road ahead while still keeping an eye on the rear vision via a screen in his periphery vision. […]

2006 Giant Anthem 2 Mountain Bike Review

Close to the end of summer 2008 I bought a used bicycle. The bike I choose was a 2006 Giant Anthem 2 and I rode it as often as I could before it started to snow. Now that spring is coming I thought it would be a good time to review the Giant Anthem 2 […]