Ikon Suspension upgrade review – Motorbike Writer

Australian company Ikon Suspension has been around in one form or another making riders more comfortable and safer since 1962. So when we wanted to update the very basic suspension on our Ducati GT1000 project bike we went with Ikon. Standard suspension on most road bikes is usually a compromise. However, even a budget set […]

How will self-driving cars affect riders?

Riders have been invited to make submissions on road rules about the coming revolution of automated self-driving vehicles. The National Transport Commission (NTC) is considering how Australian governments should amend driver laws to facilitate the introduction of automated vehicles. However, their press release said they were asking road transport agencies, police, and industry to  make […]

Shoddy new roadworks melt in heat

Just because a road has been recently upgraded does not mean riders should trust new roadworks. Consider the sobering example of shoddy roadworks that caused the death of a rider on a bridge near Goulburn. Another case is the recent roadworks on the western approach to Mt Glorious, South East Queensland. Less than a month […]

Steve McQueen’s TR6R herded cows

One of the most famous motorcycles of all time, the Triumph TR6R ridden by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, was once used to herd cows. The fully restored 54-year-old TR6R 650cc twin which has 95% of its original parts is now the centrepiece of the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience (museum) at Hinckley in the UK. […]

Accentuating An Old Plain Dress

Being invited to big events such as birthdays and weddings requires more than just showing up with a gift in hand. It has to be remembered that there are also other important people who will be gracing the occasion. In social gatherings, prominent people arrive in their best clothes because they want to be seen […]

Will low-key Ride to Work Week work?

The first Australian motorcycle industry Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week begins tomorrow and it’s all very low key. In fact, there is not one event scheduled, according to their website. The promotion is being co-ordinated by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries which says it wants a “slow burn” campaign in the first year […]

Indian Bajaj Auto targets Australia

Indian motorcycle company Bajaj Auto is reported to be setting its sights on Australia with the introduction of its Dominar 400 learner bike. The company is the world’s most biggest motorcycle manufacturer, taking back the lead from fellow Indian company Royal Enfield. Bajaj Auto makes bikes from 100cc to 373cc and holds a 47% in […]

Breakout breaks out of market slump

The Harley-Davidson Breakout has claimed the top-selling spot for the first time as the Australian motorcycle industry continues its first prolonged slump since the GFC. Usually the top-selling bike in Australia is a postie bike, peewee, trail bike or cheap learner, not a large motorcycle costing more than $30,000. However, the Breakout, which has been […]

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is the queen of precious stones. It is known for its flawless nature and is rare. Diamond has a broad color range and a very low reaction towards chemicals. It is a good conductor of heat and insulator of electricity. The sparkling diamond is just another form of dark carbon. Diamonds are available in […]

MotorCycle Holdings conglomerate grows – Motorbike Writer

How will riders be affected when Australia’s biggest motorcycle dealership network buys a major motorcycle accessories company to become the largest conglomerate in the industry? MotorCycle Holdings which has 34 dealerships in Queensland, NSW and the Northern Territory, mostly branded TeamMoto, is about to spend $123.2 million to buy Cassons motorcycle accessories business. MC Holdings […]