Riding around the world on a budget

The idea of traveling the world on a motorbike may seem laughable, especially on a budget. In reality, it is not just possible to do so, but quite a number of adventurers, have already done so. Guest blogger Peter King says the goal of this article is to assist would-be adventurers in planning a successful […]

Pollution kills off small-capacity bikes

The iconic Honda monkey bike and many other 50-100cc Honda and Suzuki scooters and bikes are about to face the axe thanks to tough new Japanese pollution regulations. The companies are retiring a host of 50cc scooters and bikes this year, including the monkey bike which ends production this month. They warn small-capacity bikes may […]

Harley-Davidson launches eight new models

Harley-Davidson is expected to launch eight new models in a 480km motorcycle-media ride later this month from Pasadena, CA, to Big Bear Lake and back. That’s a prediction based on the invitation we received yesterday for the media launch from August 28 to September 1, as well as company boss Matt Levatich’s statement earlier this […]

Extend truck lane restriction to other roads

Trucks will be restricted to the two left lanes of the Pacific Motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast from tomorrow (August 1, 2017) but it should extend to other highways around our nation. The move in Queensland has been initiated to prevent gridlock during the Commonwealth Games, after which it will be “evaluated”. In […]

Workers may save Ducati from sale

Ducati may be safe from “bargain hunters” after VW posted a strong financial result prompting workers on the board to resist selling assets. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has been on the market for the past eight months along with other VW companies such as MAN trucks to help pay the billions in costs for VW’s […]

Ducati owners mark 40 years on track

Ducati owners clubs around Australia have been celebrating 40 years of the owners clubs in Australia this year with a variety of events. The latest is the Ducati Owners Club of Queensland (DOCQ) “Ducati-Only” Track Day on Saturday, September 30, 2017, at the recently resurfaced Morgan Park Raceway near Warwick. “This will be a relaxed […]

Mountain speed and road works update

Speed limits will return to normal when the road works on the western side of Mt Glorious behind Brisbane are completed late in August 2017. Despite speed limits being reduced by 10km/h in most areas of the mountain and concerns that speeds would be further reduced after completion of the work, the Transport and Main […]

Harley-Davidson gin sells out – Motorbike Writer

If you like your gin on the rockers, then these $US1000 bottles of premium gin are for you. They contain sterilised Harley-Davidson parts. But don’t get too excited, because the first batch has already sold out, despite the foreign substances and the big price tag. Custom motorcycle maker Ehinger Kraftrad calls his creation The Archaeologist […]

Electric board tracker moped unveiled

Since batteries and electric motors can take just about any shape, designers are free to create all sorts of strange vehicles, even this board tracker from European company Avionics. They have unveiled their electric board-tracker-style moped made of wood and steel with orders from September, but no prices announced yet. It’s not the first old-style […]

Lions Rd delays TT until 2018

Delays in bridgework on the famed Lions Rd forced the cancellation of the Lions TT, but organisers plan to return in 2018 after a two-year hiatus. Work began in January to replace six wooden bridges on the Queensland/NSW border road with concrete structures and scheduled completion by the end of June. However, unseasonal wet weather has […]