10 signs you’re a biker at heart

Are you a biker at heart? Some things in life cannot be explained unless you live them. Certain sensations, which are hard to describe, can only be felt to be fully understood. Being a biker is one of those things. Bikers the world over have all been through the frustrating process of trying to explain […]

3 awesome performance upgrades for your motorbike

Owning a motorbike is an adrenaline enhancing, life-changing experience. There is a bond that develops between a rider and their machine that cannot be explained fully. The thrill of the speed, on the track or the road and the power under the seat, make the riding experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. The only thing cooler […]

Motorcycle tour planning app offer

Danish company Tourstart is offering Motorbike Writer readers a 20% discount on their new motorcycle ride planning and navigation app with free worldwide maps. While there have been many such apps around, the company claims theirs is “unique” because of “the high level of integration between web and app. Once a tour is composed, it […]

Biker sisters vie for world records

Biker sisters are a competitive lot with Australian, British and now American women vying for world records at all-female motorcycle rallies and parades. In 2014 the Babe Raid rally set the record when 284 women rode to the coastal NSW town of Ballina. Record Setter officially declared the record at 221 women on 190 bikes. In 2015, […]

Harley-Davidson sues Chinese to protect trademark

Harley-Davidson has the Chinese in its targets for its latest litigation of companies ripping off their trademark on fake products, including motorcycle parts. And why shouldn’t they? The bar-and-shield logo, bald eagle and are among the world’s most recognised logos. As such, they are worth millions to the iconic American company. In the late 1990s, […]

Can you fall asleep on a motorcycle?

It seems a strange thing that you could fall asleep on a loud and exciting motorcycle, but it can and does happen; just not as often as in a car. In a car, you are seated in a comfortable and supported position, the temperature is controlled and noises are muted. It’s a conducive atmosphere for […]

Absurd tinted visor laws need simplification

Our current laws on use of a tinted visor on a motorcycle helmet are so absurd they don’t even distinguish between riders and pillions says rider rights campaigner Wayne Carruthers. He points out the ridiculous error in his submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) which is reviewing Australian Road Rules to gain some uniformity […]

Exquisite Jewellery of Solihull – The History

Most sources quote the company manufactured jewellery from the sixties to the seventies. However this is untrue. Exquisite jewellery was produced by the company called W A P Watson Ltd. here is the companies time line: 1909 to 1914 – Walter Archibald Parker Watson had a small factory in Hockley Hill, Birmingham manufacturing chains and […]

Munro seeks 200mph Scout record

Fifty years after Burt Munro set a speed record at Bonneville, his great nephew, Lee, returned to the famous salt flats on an Indian Scout to crack 200mph. His attempts this week fell short, but the Kiwi still scored a new land speed record of his own. On August 12, Lee managed 191.286mph, followed by […]