Why Do We Wear Mountain Bike Shoes?

Other than the ladies high heels, you must have seen people ride bikes wearing different kinds of shoes while they ride their bikes. But when it comes to mountain bikes, the only types of shoe that can be worn are the specific mountain bike shoes.

Some people consider it an added expense to the sport which is unnecessary. But the fact is that proper gear makes things better and gives the user an advantage which is worth the extra expense.

If you wear regular sport shoes, you will realize that they all have soft sole made of flexible rubber to reduce ground shock and they easily bend which gives you the ability to run faster and comfortably. If you wear these shoes while riding your mountain bike, you will realize that the flexibility in the sole and the softness are a disadvantage.

The point pressure executed by the paddles will make your feet hurt after a while. Even if you get accustomed to wearing them, these shoes will not last for a long time as would a proper mountain bike shoe would do. In most of the cases the sole gets damaged as you are likely to exert force while performing different maneuvers during the course of riding the bike.

When out on a long ride, these shoes can tire you out as they gradually decrease support and your foot has to be kept stiff involuntarily.

The other problem is that of support. You will realize that the regular shoes can not be secured to the paddles and therefore a biker has to concentrate on keeping his feet stable while he paddles to ensure that his feet do not slip off.

The mountain bike shoes are designed to give maximum comfort, durability and ease in riding the bike. The hard sole and the clips ensure that your feet do not get tired and remain in place over the paddle without you worrying about it.